Caetano Temsa

Caetanobus and Temsa to Launch Hydrogen-Powered Coach

19 September 2023

Caetanobus and Temsa jointly develop a Hydrogen coach as an answer to the European demand for the long-distance segment where hydrogen mobility is likely to be a must. In a landmark collaboration, Caetanobus and Temsa have united to create an innovative solution tailored for long-distance travel and tourism needs.

The collaboration between Caetanobus and Temsa has led to the development of an electric hydrogen-powered coach that will operate with hydrogen refuelled at 350 or 700 bars (H2 Dual System) offering flexibility for the operator to refill the vehicle in any available hydrogen refuelling station. The autonomy if this H2-coach is said to be on a single refilling of up to 1000 km. The first coach to be launched in 2024 will be a 2-axle based on the electric version of

Temsa HD12 to accelerate time to marketĀ of pre-serial in 2024 and serial production from 2025. A 3-axel coach is also part of the plans immediately after. Caetano uses Toyota Fuel Cell technology and has sold its urban hydrogen model to cities in various European countries including Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, and Portugal. At Busworld Caetanobus will be in hall 8, stand 810 and Temsa in hall 4, stand 400.