Kempower showcase modular and scalable fast charging solutions at Busworld

05 October 2023

Kempower will present its EV fast charging solutions at Busworld Europe 202 at booth 833a in Hall 8. Kempower offers a complete DC fast charging solution with a modular and scalable design. The dynamic power distribution capabilities allow charging capacity to be dynamically distributed to vehicles that need charging the most, maximizing available kilowatts at depots and charging hubs. It also introduces ChargEye for Depot, a cloud-based charging management software to minimize total cost of ownership.

The ChargEye platform allows charging to be monitored and controlled in real-time and enables dynamic load sharing, which reduces idle time and prevents overload in the charging system. Products that Kempower will showcase at its exhibition booth include the Kempower Satellite charging system, Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellite, Kempower Pantograph Down, and

Kempower Movable Charger. Chief Sales Officer Tommi Liuska said: “Decarbonizing public transportation is a top global priority, with increased numbers of electric buses deployed across cities worldwide. Our charging technology can provide scalable charging infrastructure with dynamic charging capabilities, enabling fleet operators to run reliable and efficient services.”