Irizar Bulgarije

Second Bulgarian e-bus order for Irizar

16 November 2021

After Irizar recently delivered two e-buses to the Bulgarian city of Burgas, the Spanish manufacturer received a second and much larger order from Bulgaria. The city of Stara Zagora ordered 33 electric 12-metre Irizar ie buses. The two buses delivered to Burgas are part of an order for 44 buses and chargers.

Incorporated visual features from the Irizar ie tram make the buses for Stara Zagora stand out with a modern and innovative design. The ordered electric Irizar ie bus has a capacity for 77 passengers and is equipped with 26 seats, a wheelchair area and four PRM seats. Three doors provide a better accessibility that allows fluid circulation in the interior. The design of the buses' interior is distinctive with the glazed side panels and USB charging points, or the folding windows and transparent seats that increase light reflection.

To increase passenger safety the operator provider opted for a video surveillance system and an eCo3 air purifier that creates an environment free of viruses, micro-organisms, bacteria, germs, allergens and dust particles. The 12 metre ie-bus can be fitted with batteries of up to 350 kWh with various charging options from 100 kW to 450 kW.