Tribus Civitas

Tribus Group Showcasing E-Civitas Economy Low-Floor Bus and Advanced TriflexAIR 2.0 Flooring System at Busworld

31 August 2023

Dutch based Tribus Group states “it is set to make a significant impact at this year's Busworld exhibition, presenting a range of groundbreaking innovations that are set to revolutionize public transportation”. In hall 9 Booth 944, it will be showcasing the E-Civitas Economy Low-Floor Bus, the TriflexAIR 2.0 Flooring System, and a cutting-edge passenger safety check.

Tribus vastzet

E-Civitas Economy Low-Floor Bus is a lightweight electric bus tailor-made for transporting small groups within the public transit network. Tribus expects to get the vehicle up and running by the end of 2024. The E-Civita combines a low-weight design with eco-friendly electric propulsion. The second novelty is the TriflexAIR 2.0 Flooring System which is specifically designed for M1 category buses, this innovative flooring solution combines a lightweight construction with versatility. The third innovation Tribus is showcasing at Busworld is the “Revolutionary Passenger Safety Check”. It is a wireless passenger signalization system. integrated into the TriflexAIR 2.0 Flooring System.

Tribus interieur

This innovative technology detects the presence of passengers, verifies the fastening of seatbelts, and ensures secure positioning of wheelchair users. A sleek display, placed next to the driver, provides real-time status updates for each seat and wheelchair in the vehicle, fostering a safer and more secure travel experience for all passengers. Furthermore Tribus will be showing its TriflexAIR Seating TriflexAIR Seating System. Complementing this, a range of interior components will be showcased. During Busworld Tribus Group will also celebrate their 25th anniversary with industry professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts at Busworld in hall 9 booth 944.