Yutong, world leader of new energy buses

Yutong, world leader of new energy buses

12 October 2023

At Busworld Europe, Yutong will display four models, namely the U11DD double-decker, the large-capacity articulated U18, the E7S mini-electric bus and the luxurious 15-metre-long T15E coach. The exhibition's theme, 'Think Eco, Move Green', is closely aligned with Yutong's portfolio and the company's green ambitions.

Yutong consistently adheres to the philosophy of greening and has been actively involved in the development of new energy buses for years. Meanwhile, the company has fully mastered a number of core technologies of electric buses and can provide suitable mobility solutions for zero-emission transport. Sales broke a world record with more than 12,400 units last year.

A true electric coach

The luxurious, all-electric T15E 15-metre touring coach stands out for its efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor and the latest battery management system (BMS), which offers a long range, ample space and safe operation. This vehicle boasts an impressive driving range of 550 km, making it ideal for long-distance routes. Yutong's T15E model received the Desing Award and the Ecology Award at the show. It's not that common for a vehicle to win two awards. Di confirms the company's expertise in innovation and electric mobility.

A beautiful articulated public transport bus

The electric articulated bus U18 can accommodate up to 120 passengers. With a battery capacity of up to 563 kWh, the U18 provides a driving range of more than 500 km under SORT 2. A robust monitoring platform continuously collects data on vehicle operation and road conditions and issues preventive warnings. The thermal system that keeps the battery fluid at the right temperature and the 24-hour battery monitoring system are standard to ensure maximum safety.

The last mile

The E7SeV mini-electric bus is designed to meet the emerging demand for last-mile travel in larger European cities. Aimed at public transport routes, this model can carry up to 30 passengers with a turning radius of less than 8.5 metres, keeping it flexible and convenient under different road conditions in the city.

A double-decker city bus

The U11DD, the classic double-decker bus for the UK and other countries where a height > 4 m is allowed has a capacity of up to 70 seats. It is an ideal sustainable vehicle for public transport use with an efficient energy consumption of only 0.7 kWh/km.

The YEA-platform

The bus manufacturer also grasped the opportunity to introduce YEA, Yutong's latest technological platform designed to provide robust and scalable solutions for electric vehicles. Within Yutong's dedicated component section, a variety of purely electric components, including batteries, motors and smart cockpits, will be on display to highlight the company's extensive capabilities in the entire industrial chain of new energy buses.